Taxonomic history

Xyleborus perpusillus Eggers, 1927a: 404.

Xyleborinus perpusillus (Eggers): Hulcr, 2010: 115.


Xyleborus perminutissimus Schedl, 1934b: 90. Hulcr, 2010: 116.

Xyleborus angustatulus Schedl, 1942c: 42. Kalshoven, 1959a: 152.


1.6−1.9 mm long (mean = 1.76 mm; n = 5); 2.67−3.17 times as long as wide. This species is distinguished by the entire length of interstriae 2 unarmed by tubercles; posterolateral margin of elytra rounded, unarmed; declivital interstriae flat, interstriae 2 not impressed; and denticles on interstriae 1, 3 small.

This species is very similar to X. n. sp. 10 and can be distinguished by the shining declivity, posterolateral margin of the declivity rounded and unarmed and smaller denticles on interstriae 1 and 3.

May be confused with

Xyleborinus exiguus, X. huifenyinae, and X. tritus


Indonesia (Java, Sumatra), East & West Malaysia, New Guinea, Thailand

Host plants

recorded from small trees in several families, including palms (Arecaceae) (Beaver et al. 2014)

DNA data

specimens not available for sequencing