Taxonomic history

Webbia 30-spinatus [sic] Sampson, 1922: 149.


Webbia 26-spinatus [sic] Sampson, 1922: 149. Browne, 1963: 57.

Webbia mucronatus Eggers, 1927: 107. Smith et al. 2020b: 330.


3.0 mm long (mean = 3.0 mm; n = 5); 3.0 times as long as wide. This species is distinguished by the margin of elytral declivity with 13‒15 teeth on each side; declivital face with the vermiculate ridge on interstriae 1 strongly raised in middle of declivity, and with 3−4 rows of tubercles lateral to it; and elytral disc shining to upper margin of declivity, apart from grooves between marginal teeth.


May be confused with

Webbia dipterocarpi, W. duodecimspinata, and W. quatuordecimspinata


Cambodia, India (Andaman Is, Assam), Indonesia (Sumatra), East & West Malaysia, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Vietnam

Host plants

associated with Dipterocarpaceae (Dipterocarpus, Dryobalanops, Hopea, Shorea) (Beeson 1961, Ohno 1990)

DNA data

specimens not available for sequencing