Taxonomic history

Xyleborus melas Eggers, 1927b: 93.

Coptoborus melas (Eggers): Wood and Bright, 1992: 663.

Fraudatrix melas (Eggers): Cognato et al. 2020a: 546.


2.3 mm long (n = 2); 3.29 times as long as wide. This species is distinguished by the anterior margin of the pronotum rounded, declivital strial punctures distinct, nearly as large as interstrial granules, bearing a short recumbent seta, and more slender form.

May be confused with

Tricosa jacula and T. metacuneolus


China (Hong Kong)

Host plants

unknown (Smith et al. 2020b)

DNA data

Sequences available for COI and CAD.

COI: MN199586

CAD: MN199603