Taxonomic history

Cyclorhipidion xeniolum Smith, Beaver & Cognato 2020 (in Smith et al. 2020b): 205.


1.65−1.8 mm long (mean = 1.71 mm; n = 5); 3.09−3.4 times as long as wide. This species is distinguished by the short, obliquely truncate and flat declivity that is approximately 25% of total elytral length, armed with large tubercles on interstriae 1 and 3; interstriae 2 always unarmed; posterolateral margins rounded; declivital interstriae 1 and 2 setae uniseriate.

May be confused with

This species is a part of a challenging species group consisting of Cyclorhipidion bodoanum, C. distinguendum, C. inarmatum, C. pelliculosum, and C. tenuigraphum


China (Yunnan), Thailand

Host plants

known only from Castanopsis sp. (Fagaceae) (Smith et al. 2020b)

DNA data

specimens not available for sequencing