Taxonomic history

Xyleborus semirudis Blandford, 1896b: 210.

Euwallacea semirudis (Blandford): Wood, 1989: 173.


Xyleborus dubius Eggers, 1923: 199. Kalshoven, 1959b: 139

Xyleborus sereinuus Eggers, 1923: 187. Kalshoven, 1959b: 139.

Xyleborus hybridus Eggers, 1927b: 90. Kalshoven, 1959b: 139

Xyleborus neohybridus Schedl, 1942a: 188. Smith et al., 2020b: 252.

Xyleborus longehirtus Nunberg, 1956: 209 [Unnecessary new name for Xyleborus dubius. Schedl, 1960b: 139.]


3.1−3.3 mm long (mean = 3.18 mm; n = 5); 2.21−2.29 times as long as wide. This species is distinguished by the pronotum basic (type 2) when viewed dorsally, anterior margin appearing rounded; elytral declivity gradual; declivital face flat, opalescent and shagreened; striae impressed, strial punctures large; and posterolateral margin of declivity carinate. 

May be confused with

Euwallacea fornicatus species complex (E. fornicatior, E. fornicatus, E. kuroshio, E. perbrevis), E. andamanensis, E. geminus, E. malloti, E. neptis, E. testudinatus, and E. velatus)


‘Borneo’, Brunei, Indonesia (Java, Mentawai Is., Sumatra), East & West Malaysia, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Thailand

Host plants

polyphagous (Browne 1961b)

DNA data

Sequences available for COI and CAD.

COI: HM064086MN619944

CAD: MN620217