Taxonomic history

Xyleboricus tuberculatus Eggers, 1940: 133.

Arixyleborus tuberculatus (Eggers): Schedl, 1958c: 145.


1.5 mm long (mean = 1.5 mm; n = 1); 2.5 times as long as wide. This species is distinguished by the protibia posterior face inflated and granulate; antennal club broader than tall; posterolateral carina costate; pronotum lateral margin distinctly costate, nearly carinate; pronotum anterior margin elevated with a row of serrations; declivital interstriae except interstriae 1 denticulate; and minute size.

May be confused with

Arixyleborus grandis, A. malayensis, and A. yakushimanus


Indonesia (Java, Sumatra), Thailand

Host plants

recorded from Dalbergia and Parkia (Leguminosae), and from Cinchona (Rubiaceae) (Kalshoven 1959b)

DNA data

specimens not available for sequencing