Taxonomic history

Xyleborus pometianus Schedl, 1939a: 354.

Microperus pometianus (Schedl): Hulcr and Cognato, 2010a: 21. 


1.2−1.7 mm long (mean = 1.44 mm; n = 5); 2.6−3.0 times as long as wide. This species is distinguished by the elytral disc flat; elytral declivity short, steep; elytral declivity granulate from base to apex, granules small, as abundant as strial punctures, granules disperse, separated by the width of at least three granules; declivital surface shagreened; interstriae moderately setose, setae short semi-erect bristles, less than the with of an interstriae; striae glabrous; and minute size.

May be confused with

Microperus quercicola


East & West Malaysia, New Guinea, Philippines, Thailand

Host plants

Recorded from Nephelium, Pometia, Xerospermum (Sapindaceae), and an unidentified genus of Burseraceae (Schedl 1942a, Browne 1961b). An association with Sapindaceae is suggested by Browne (1961b), but there are too few records to be sure of this.

DNA data

Sequences available for COI and CAD.

COI: HM064069; HM064115

CAD: HM064247; HM064293