Taxonomic history

Xylosandrus adherescens Schedl, 1971b: 375.


2.0 mm long (n = 3); 2.0 times as long as wide. This species can be distinguished by its small size; elytral disc flat, gradually curving toward declivity, appearing rounded; posterolateral margins of elytra carinate to interstriae 7; declivital face with six punctate striae, striae setose, setae semi-recumbent and equal to the width of an interstria; interstriae denticulate-granulate, uniseriate with erect hair-like setae longer than the width of two interstriae; pronotum as long as wide, from dorsal view rounded (type 1) and lateral view basic (type 0), summit at midpoint, basal half smooth, shining, sparsely minutely punctate; and sparse mycangial tuft on the pronotal base.

May be confused with

Xylosandrus compactus, X. derupteterminatus, X. mesuae, and X. morigerus



Host plants

unknown (Smith et al. 2020b)


The gallery of this species is a flat cave and excavated against the grain of the wood (AIC, pers. obs.).

DNA data

Sequences available for COI and CAD.

COI: MN620056

CAD: MN620324