Taxonomic history

Tomicus quadrispinus Motschulsky, 1863: 514.

Xyleborus quadrispinus (Motschulsky): Mandelshtam and Nikitsky, 2010: 17.

Debus quadrispinus (Motschulsky): Smith et al., 2020b: 213.


Xyleborus fallax Eichhoff, 1878a: 392. Smith et al. 2020b: 213.

Xyleborus amphicranulus Eggers, 1923: 204. Schedl, 1970b: 224.

Xyleborus fastigatus Schedl, 1935a: 402. Hulcr and Cognato, 2010a: 15.


2.2−2.5 mm long (mean = 2.36 mm; n = 5); 3.67−3.83 times as long as wide. This species is distinguished by the posterolateral extensions of elytra long, as long as width of apical emargination; declivity deeply excavated; small size; and typically bicolored appearance, with light brown pronotum and dark brown elytra.

May be confused with

Debus emarginatus and D. shoreae


China (Jiangxi, Yunnan), India (Assam, Uttarakhand), Indonesia (Enggano Is., Laos, Java, Maluku, Mentawai Is., Sulawesi, Sumatra), East & West Malaysia, Myanmar, Nepal, New Guinea, Philippines, Solomon Is., Thailand, Vietnam

Host plants

strongly polyphagous (e.g. Browne 1961b, Ohno 1990, Wood and Bright 1992)

DNA data

Sequences available for COI and CAD.

COI: HM064125MN619903

CAD: HM064304MN620185