Taxonomic history

Cryptoxyleborus eggersi Schedl, 1936c: 60.

Xyleborus eggersianus Schedl, 1960b: 110 (unnecessary new name for X. eggersi (Schedl 1936 not Beeson 1930)).


Cryptoxyleborus dryobalanopsis Schedl, 1942a: 184. Bright and Skidmore, 1997: 4, 175.


3.5−4.4 mm long (mean = 3.85 mm; n = 4); 3.14−3.50 times as long as wide. This species is distinguished by its large size; large and broad mycangial pits on the basal slope of elytra; elytral disc with a transverse saddle-like depression; interstriae bearing strongly hooked tubercles from basal third; antennal funicle 4-segmented.

May be confused with

Cryptoxyleborus quadriporus, C. stenographus, and C. turbineus


Brunei, Laos, East & West Malaysia, Philippines, Vietnam

Host plants

recorded from Balanocarpus, Dipterocarpus, Dryobalanops and Shorea (Dipterocarpaceae) (Beaver and Hulcr 2008)

DNA data

specimens not available for sequencing