Taxonomic history

Xyleborus brunneipes Eggers, 1940: 138.

Ambrosiodmus brunneipes (Eggers): Wood and Bright, 1992: 671. 


3.2−3.4 mm long (mean = 3.38 mm; n = 5); 2.43−2.5 times as long as wide. This species can be distinguished by the elytral declivital interstriae with uniformly sized and spaced granules from base to declivital midpoint; apical half of interstriae with granules irregularly spaced; declivital interstriae slightly elevated and bearing thick, erect setae, setae located ventrad of granules; declivital surface strongly shagreened; and dark brown color.

This species is very similar to A. conspectus and can be distinguished by the larger size and 5−6 granules on the apical half of declivital interstriae 1.

May be confused with

Ambrosiodmus conspectus and A. rubricollis


Indonesia (Java), East & West Malaysia, Thailand

Host plants

Recorded from Octomeles (Datiscaceae), Parartocarpus (Moraceae) and rattans (Arecacae). Probably polyphagous (Beaver et al. 2014).

DNA data

specimens not available for sequencing