Taxonomic history

Xyleborus opalescens Schedl, 1937a: 550.

Amasa opalescens (Schedl): Wood and Bright, 1992: 684.


4.5−4.8 mm long (4.70 mm long; n = 3); 2.4−2.5 times as long as wide. This species can be distinguished by its large size; pronotum rounded, robust from lateral view (type 5); declivital interstriae 1 unarmed (lacking granules) and flat; strial punctures very large, irregularly spaced; and declivital surface appearing smooth and opalescent.

May be confused with

Amasa beesoni, A. cylindrotomica, A. schlichii


East & West Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam

Host plants

Recorded only from species of Eugenia and Tristania (Myrtaceae), and possibly with a fixed association with this family (Browne 1961b).

DNA data

specimens not available for sequencing