Streptocranus Schedl, 1939b: 52.


The most slender and extremely elongated species (1.90−4.90 mm long; 3.85−4.75 times as long as wide) occurring in Southeast Asia. Streptocranus can be distinguished by its unique subquadrate and laterally constricted pronotum; flat and long pronotal discelytral apex divaricate and ornamented with a pair of distal projections; protibia slender, sickle-shaped; mycangial tufts absent; scutellum flat, flush with elytra; and procoxae contiguous.

May be confused with



only occurring in the Paleotropics and Oceania

Gallery system

The gallery systems of Streptocranus seem to be rather variable, with a few branches that may run horizontally or longitudinally, and may be irregularly widened, but without distinct brood chambers (Browne 1961b).