Immanus Hulcr and Cognato, 2013: 100.


This is the largest xyleborine genus with species ranging between 5.00−8.80 mm (Hulcr and Cognato 2013). Immanus can be distinguished by its large size; robust form (1.97−2.50 times as long as wide); truncate declivity; pronotum anterior margin with elevated carina or a row of 4−6 coarse asperities; pronotal disc asperate; tibial denticles reduced or absent on meso- and metatibiae; tibial edge very uneven and rugged; scutellum flat, flush with elytra; procoxae contiguous; and mycangial tufts absent.

May be confused with

Ambrosiodmus and Beaverium



Gallery system

The gallery system is branched and lies in one transverse plane (Kalshoven 1959b).


The genus was recently reviewed by Beaver et al. 2019 and one additional species has since been described (Wang et al. 2020).