Type species

Trischidias georgiae Hopkins

Adapted from Wood 1982, p. 872-874


Trischidias is distinguished from related genera by the character combination of an entire anterior margin of the compound eye, a three segmented funicle, and a sub-circular club bearing three straight sutures. The scale-like setae are peculiar as they widen toward the tip.


Species in this genus range from 0.65 to 1.10 mm and are approximately 2.0 to 2.3 times as long as wide. Their color varies from brown to dark brown. The pronotum is wider than long with lateral margins raised in a fine line and asperate anteriorly with the anterior margin armed by two to four teeth. The scutellum is small. The convex declivity has a vestiture consisting of strial rows of recumbent hair-like setae and interstrial rows of scale-like setae which are wider at the tip; this vestiture is thinner and less abundant in the rest of the body. The anterior margin of the compound eye is entire. The scape is longer than the 3-segmented funicle, which sometimes has a fourth and difficult-to-see suture fused to the club. The club is near-circular with three straight sutures. The procoxae are contiguous.


Most of eastern USA and south to Texas, Mexico, Brazil and Africa

World fauna

Number of species: 8, Native species: 4, Introduced species: 0


Acer, Asimina, Carya, Castanea, Quercus, Rhizophora, Rhododendron, Rhus, Robinia, Salix, Ulmus