Type species

Theoborus theobromae Hopkins

Adapted from Rabaglia 2006, p. 1042 and Wood 1982, p. 770-776


This genus is distinguished from other Xyleborina by the two sutures on the anterior face of the antennal club which extend to the posterior face.


Species in this genus range from 1.7 to 2.9 mm in length and are usually stout at 2.3 times as long as wide, with males dwarfed and deformed. Their color is usually dark brown. The pronotum is essentially as long as wide and asperate on its anterior half. The scutellum is small. The declivity is usually convex, except for in T. ricini where it is slightly concave and has granules. The vestiture consists of hair-like setae usually restricted to the sides and the declivity. The anterior margin of the compound eye is emarginated. The scape is short and the funicle has 5-segments. The oval club has two bisinuate sutures on the anterior face which extend to the posterior face. The procoxae are contiguous.


Florida, the Neotropical region and introduced into Africa

World fauna

Number of species: 8, Native species: 1, Introduced species: 0


In Florida, found on Delonix regia, an introduction from Africa; also Citrus, Cordia, Erythrina, Terminalia, Theobroma, Swietenia