Type species

Crypturgus minutissimus Zimmermann

Adapted from Wood 1982, p. 965-982


Pseudopityophthorus is distinguished from the similar Pityophthorus Eichhoff by the reduced or absent striae and the more abundant and sometimes scale-like elytral vestiture. They can also be differentiated by the more elaborate frontal vestiture present on the male. The rows of pronotal asperities are similarly arranged but are separated and do not form contiguous bands.


The species in this genus range from 1.2 to 2.6 mm in length and are approximately 2.6 to 3.1 times as long as wide. Their color ranges from brown to almost black. The elytral striae are weak or obsolete. The pronotum is longer than wide. The scutellum is small and flush with the elytra. The declivity is usually convex, with an abundant hair-like to scale-like vestiture, which extends to the elytra and is unarmed. The metepisternum is only visible anteriorly. The frons vestiture of long setae is a male character with only a few exceptions. The scape is usually longer than the 5-segmented funicle. The oval to obovate club has the first two sutures septate and procurved, forming notches on the sides, and the third is at the apex. The procoxae are contiguous.


North America, Central America, and Colombia

World fauna

Number of species: 27, Native species: 11, Introduced species: 0


Castanea, Fagus, Quercus, Ostrya