Type species

Premnobius cravipennis Eichhoff

Adapted from Wood 1982, p. 755-758


Premnobius differs from Xyleborus Eichhoff in the flattened club which is pubescent to its base. Also in this species and uniquely to the Xyleborina, the pregula is not depressed.


Species in this genus range from 2.3 to 3.3 mm in length and are approximately 2.9 times as long as wide. Their color varies from pale to rather dark reddish brown. The pronotum is longer than wide and unarmed. The scutellum of the occurring species in North America north of Mexico is small. The declivity is obliquely truncate to broadly concave with the margins usually dentate. The anterior margin of the compound eye is emarginate. The scape is longer than the 5-segmented funicle. The rounded club is flattened apically, is pubescent to the base, and has two procurved sutures. The pregular area is characteristically not depressed, differing from all other members of its subtribe. The procoxae are subcontiguous.


Florida to Brazil and Africa

World fauna

Number of species: 25, Native species: 0, Introduced species: 1

Established exotic species

Premnobius cavipennis is present in Florida.


Eucalyptus, Pinus