Type species

Micracis suturalis LeConte

Adapted from Wood 1982, p. 578-594


Micracis is similar to Hylocurus Eichhoff and Micracisella Blackman and can be distinguished from them by the aspect of the scape which is often flattened into a triangular shape. In addition, it can be distinguished from Micracisella by the entire margin of the compound eye.


Species in this genus range from 1.6 to 3.4 mm in length. Their color ranges from yellowish brown to dark reddish brown. The pronotum is longer than wide, and the anterior area is asperate. The scutellum is large. The declivity is convex and acuminate at the apex, with a hair-like vestiture. The anterior margin of the compound eye is entire. The scape is shorter than the 6-segmented funicle and is triangular; it is also ornamented by long hair. The club is oval and has two procurved sutures. The procoxae are usually widely separated.


United States to Panama, South America, and Africa

World fauna

Number of species: 25, Native species: 4, Introduced species: 0


Baccharus, Calliandra, Celtis, Cercis, Inga, Miconia, Populus, Quercus, Salix, Trichlia