Type species

Hypocryphalus rotundus Hopkins

Adapted from Wood 1982, p. 871-872


Hypocryphalus can be distinguished from Cryphalus Erichson by the 5-segmented antennal funicle, the 3 procurved to nearly bisinuate sutures of its sub circular club, and by the equally wide tarsomeres.


The length of the only and introduced species in the USA ranges from 1.6 to 1.9 mm, and it is approximately 2.2 times as long as wide. The color is light brown. The pronotum is wider than long with the lateral margins marked by a raised line; the anterior half is asperate and armed in its margin. The declivity is convex with light colored, short, recumbent hair-like vestiture, with sparse and erect strial bristles, and is unarmed. The anterior margin of the compound eye is emarginate. The scape is longer than its 5-segmented funicle. The club is sub-circular, with three procurved to nearly bisinuate sutures. The procoxae are contiguous.


Florida and Mexico to Brazil, SE Asia to Australia, and Africa

World fauna

Number of species: 50, Native species: 0, Introduced species: 1

Established exotic species

Hypocryphalus mangiferae is present in Florida.