Type species

Bostrichus ligniperda Fabricius

Adapted from Lombardero 1994, p. 150-150


Among the Tomicina, Hylurgus only shares the 6-segmented funicle with Pseudohylesinus Swaine, and it can be easily distinguished from it by the unicolored vestiture. It also resembles the genus Dendroctonus Erichson, which differs in having a 7-segmented funicle.


Species in this genus range from 2.0 to 5.7 mm in length. The pronotum is longer than wide. The declivity is convex and unarmed; sexual dimorphism is presented in this genus by the second declivital interstriae of females which are more clearly impressed than in males. The vestiture consists of hair-like setae. The frons is transversely impressed. The anterior margin of the compound eye is entire. The scape is longer than the 6-segmented funicle. The club is ovate with 3 straight sutures. The procoxae are contiguous.


Europe, Africa, and Asia

World fauna

Number of species: 3, Native species: 0, Introduced species: 1

Established exotic species

Hylurgus ligniperda is present in New York and California.