Veronica americana Schwein. ex Benth.

Family: Plantaginaceae

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American brooklime

Primary Disseminule Type


Description (diagnostics are in brown)

Fruit a dehiscent capsule, subglobose, 3–4 mm diameter, entire to barely notched at apex.

Seed elliptic to obovate in outline with a distinct protrusion at the base, D-shaped in cross-section and profile (dorsal side very convex, ventral side ± flat), 0.4–0.6(0.8) mm long x 0.3–0.55(0.7) mm wide x 0.15–0.25 mm thick. Surface shiny, wrinkled, light yellowish-brown to dark orangish-brown (basal protrusion typically darker).

Hilum marked by a darkened raised semi-circle centrally located about 2/3 up ventral side, vascular scar elliptic, dark, protruding, joined to the basal protrusion by an obscure (often not visible) thin line.

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