Sagittaria longiloba Engelm. ex J.G. Sm.

Family: Alismataceae

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Description (diagnostics are in brown)

Fruit a winged achene, obliquely obovate to oblanceolate in outline (outline is of the laterally compressed fruit), 1.2–2.5 mm long x 0.8–1.6 mm wide x ca. 0.1 mm thick, with a vertically-pointing beak (stylar remnant) measuring 0.1–0.6 mm long near the apex of the ventral wing, dorsal wing about as wide as ventral wing. Surface light brown, with 0–1 elongated and often curved resin-filled glands on each face, rough (wrinkled or mildly tuberculate). Pericarp thin (± transparent).

Fruit attachment scar at base, same color as rest of fruit body or whitish.

Embryo upside-down U-shaped, its form visible on fruit's surface, endosperm absent.

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