Comparison Chart for Species of Rumex


Rumex acetosella

Rumex conglomeratus

Rumex crispus

inner tepal appearance

not winged
granular (but no tubercles)
1.2–1.7(2) mm long

x 0.5–1.3 mm wide

wings ovate to oblong
tubercles oblong
2–3(3.2) mm long

x 1–1.6(2) mm wide

wings triangular to cordate
tubercles ± ovoid
3.5–6 mm long
x 3–5 mm wide

naked fruit appearance

apex acute

margins obtuse
0.9–1.5(1.6) mm long
x 0.6–0.9 mm wide

apex acuminate

margins acute
1.5–2 mm long
x 1–1.4 mm wide

base not stipitate

apex acuminate

margins acute
1.7–3 mm long
x 1.2–2 mm wide
base short-stipitate