Planodes virginicum (L.) Greene

Family: Brassicaceae

Pertinent Synonyms & Notes (particularly those used in California; go to GRIN for other synonyms)

Sibara virginica (L.) Rollins, Cardamine virginica L.

Pertinent Common Names (particularly those used in California; go to GRIN for other common names)

Virginia winged rockcress

Primary Disseminule Type


Description (diagnostics are in brown)

Fruit a multi-seeded dehiscent silique, linear, straight or slightly curved, flattened and slightly torulose, glabrous, (1)1.5–2.5(3) cm long x (1)1.5–2 mm wide, without conspicuous beak. Style remnant 0.2–0.8 mm long.

Seed ± round in outline, compressed, cross-section lens-shaped to fusiform, 0.9–1.2 mm long x 0.8–1.1 mm wide x 0.15–0.3 mm thick. Surface orangish-brown with a ca. 0.1 mm wide whitish-brown wing around the perimeter, shiny (under magnification), honeycombed, reticulations and interspaces stigmaticose, with a moderately distinct (but often short) longitudinal groove between the radicle and cotyledons on one or both faces of the seed.

Hilum in a shallow notch, usually with funicular remnant.

Embryo bent, cotyledons accumbent, endosperm lacking.

Risk Assessment (codes in yellow or red indicate cause for concern; assessments are current as of mid-2011; click AUQP, NZBORIC, or NZBPI for access to the most recent versions of these databases and possible assessment changes)