Persicaria lapathifolia (L.) Delarbre

Family: Polygonaceae

Pertinent Synonyms & Notes (particularly those used in California; go to GRIN for other synonyms)

Polygonum lapathifolium L.

Pertinent Common Names (particularly those used in California; go to GRIN for other common names)

pale smartweed

Primary Disseminule Type

fruit (with or without attached perianth)

Description (diagnostics are in brown)

Disseminule is a fruit with or without attached, partially connate tepals (=perianth).

Perianth 4(5)-lobed, greenish to pale pink turning light brown, sometimes obscurely glandular-punctate, (2)2.5–3 mm long, with prominent anchor-shaped veins on the outer fruiting tepals (forked on outer lobes and curved outward at tips), remaining loosely closed at maturity.

Fruit an achene, broadly ovate with mucronate apex, typically strongly compressed, biconvex to biconcave (commonly appearing dimpled) or rarely ± trigonous, with rounded margins, 1.5–3.2 mm long x 1.6–3 mm wide x 0.8–1.1 mm thick. Surface brown to black, uneven (minutely pitted).

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