Oenothera laciniata Hill

Family: Onagraceae

Pertinent Synonyms & Notes (particularly those used in California; go to GRIN for other synonyms)


Pertinent Common Names (particularly those used in California; go to GRIN for other common names)

cutleaf evening primrose

Primary Disseminule Type


Description (diagnostics are in brown)

Fruit a dehiscent capsule, cylindrical, slightly tapered toward apex, 2–5 cm long x 0.2–0.4 cm wide.

Seed broadly elliptic to obovate, spindle-shaped or rhombic in outline, often with a knob at the apex, cross-section ovate to mildly angular (3- or 4-angled), 0.9–1.8(2) mm long x (0.4)0.6–1 mm wide, with a pronounced longitudinal, sometimes curved ridge (raphe) running from the often darkened knob on the top of the seed almost all the way down to the base of the seed. Surface dull, granular, regularly honeycombed with large pits, orangish-brown.

Risk Assessment (codes in yellow or red indicate cause for concern; assessments are current as of mid-2011; click AUQP, NZBORIC, or NZBPI for access to the most recent versions of these databases and possible assessment changes)