Pardosa ramulosa

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Current valid name

Pardosa ramulosa (McCook) (family Lycosidae)

Recognition and diagnostic features

Small to medium sized brown spider, large forward-facing PME with 4 small anterior eyes ventral to them.

Related or similar species

Schizocosa mccooki, Hololena nedra


Body lengths when mature: male: 4.6 - 5.5 mm, female: 5 - 7 mm

Immatures resemble miniature adults.

Egg sac

Wolf spiders carry their egg sacs around on the end of their abdomen until emergence of young, so one should not find a wolf spider egg sac in grapes.


In California: most of the state except for northern counties

Elsewhere: Nevada, Utah, Arizona, Mexico

Native to North America

This species has not been transported or become established outside of its range.


Wandering hunting spider with very good eyesight. Usually found on the ground and in leaf litter. Mature specimens have been collected year-round.

Status in table grapes

Level of Incidence: may be common on the ground but rare in grape bunches

Level of Concern in New Zealand: WPNZ (May 2010) nr, BORIC (Dec 2011) nr (not listed), MAF-BPRA (2002) nr (coding definition)

Level of Concern in Australia: WPAU (2006) nr (coding definition)

Level of Medical importance: none

Common name

None for species, wolf spiders for family

Taxonomic history


Selected references

Vogel, B. R. 2004. A review of the spider genera Pardosa and Acantholycosa (Araneae, Lycosidae) of the 48 contiguous United States. J. Arachnol. 32: 55-108.