Nodocion voluntarius

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Current valid name

Nodocion voluntarius (Chamberlin) (family Gnaphosidae)

Recognition and diagnostic features

Generic tan to dark brown spider, has spinnerets that are cylindrical and one segment (diagnostic of the family Gnaphosidae). Best to try to match genitalia as this is a very generic tannish spider.

Related or similar species

Cheiracanthium species, Zelotes nilicola


Range of body lengths when mature: male: 5.51 ± 0.48 mm, female: 6.87 ± 0.87 mm

Immatures resemble miniature adults.

Egg sac

No egg or egg sac information is available for this species


In California: throughout

Elsewhere: Pacific Northwest, southwestern U.S.

Native to North America

This species has not been transported or become established outside of its range.


Nocturnal hunter. Hides under vine bark, may be found in grape bunches.

Status in table grapes

Level of Incidence: uncommon

Level of Concern in New Zealand: WPNZ (May 2010) nr, BORIC (Dec 2011) nr (not listed), MAF-BPRA (2002) nr (coding definition)

Level of Concern in Australia: WPAU (2006) nr (coding definition)

Level of Medical importance: none

Common name

None for species, ground spiders for family

Taxonomic history

Several synonyms, but nothing recent to cause confusion.

Selected references

Platnick, N. I., and M. U. Shadab. 1980. A revision of the North American spider genera Nodocion, Litopyllus, and Synaphosus (Araneae, Gnaphosidae). Amer. Mus. Novit. #2691, 26 pp.