Mecaphesa lepida

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Current valid name

Mecaphesa lepida (Thorell) (family Thomisidae)

Recognition and diagnostic features

Crab-like in body with front two pair of legs much longer than rear legs, pale in color.


Body lengths when mature: male: 3.0 mm, female: 5.0 mm

Immatures resemble miniature adults.

Egg sac

No egg or egg sac information is available for this species


In California: throughout the state

Elsewhere: unknown

Native to North America

This species has not been transported or become established outside of its range.


Solitary, wandering spider. Very rare in grapes; its recording in the crop may be incidental.

Status in table grapes

Level of Incidence: extremely rare, possibly inadvertent find in grapes

Level of Concern in New Zealand: WPNZ (May 2010) nr, BORIC (Dec 2011) nr (not listed), MAF-BPRA (2002) nr (coding definition)

Level of Concern in Australia: WPAU (2006) nr (coding definition)

Level of Medical importance: none

Common name

None for species, crab spiders for family

Taxonomic history

This species is one of many that was known for decades in the genus Misumenops. However, in 2008, Eastern hemisphere arachnologists transferred many Western hemisphere species into the genus Mecaphesa, restricting the Misumenops genus solely for Old World species.

Commonly encountered synonyms

Misumenops lepidus

Selected references

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Schick, R. X. 1965. The crab spiders of California (Araneida, Thomisidae). Bull. Am. Mus. Nat. Hist. 129: 1-180.