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Regulatory information

In the fact sheets, each spider is listed as to whether it is a regulated or a non-regulated species based on internet resources available in 2011. This information was generated from several documents produced by New Zealand and Australia in regard to commodities imported into their countries. Each document is presented with its title, the link where it can be found, date of publication, and the abbreviation by which it is referenced here. REGULATED species are presented in bold type, the year of publication in parentheses and the letter R after the date. For example, the work plan for New Zealand for a regulated species would be: WPNZ (MAY 2010) R. Non-regulated species are presented in regular type in similar fashion followed by the letters nr. For example, the work plan for New Zealand for a non-regulated species would be: WPNZ (May 2010) nr. There are three lists for New Zealand and one for Australia.

New Zealand

Import Health Standard, Commodity Sub-class: Fresh Fruit/Vegetables, Table grapes, (Vitis vinifera) from the United States of America - State of California. Issued pursuant to Section 22 of the Biosecurity Act 1993. Date issued: 3 May 2010.


Abbreviation: WPNZ

Codes used: WPNZ (MAY 2010) R, WPNZ (May 2010) nr (only lists regulated species for spiders, so species coded as non-regulated are not listed)

Biosecurity Organisms Register for Imported Commodities, accessed 30 December 2011.


Abbreviation: BORIC

Codes used: BORIC (DEC 2011) R, BORIC (Dec 2011) nr (lists both regulated and non-regulated species, so species that aren't listed are indicated as such)

Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry - Biosecurity Pest Risk Assessment. Spiders associated with table grapes. Authors: Reed and Newland (2002), 92 pp.


Abbreviation: MAF-BPRA

Codes used: MAF-BPRA (MAY 2002) R, MAF-BPRA (May 2002) nr (lists both regulated and non-regulated species, but no spiders are named in the non-regulated section)


Biosecurity Australia policy memorandum 2006/32. Revised conditions for the importation of Californian table grapes (dated 3 November 2006)


Abbreviation: WPAU

Codes used: WPAU (MAY 2006) R , WPAU (May 2006) nr (only lists regulated species, so species coded as non-regulated are not listed)