About the Resource

This tool is a part of the larger commodity-based A Resource for Pests and Diseases of Cultivated Palms, designed to support the Cooperative Agricultural Pest Survey (CAPS) program, a combined effort by Federal and State agricultural organizations to conduct surveillance, detection, and monitoring of agricultural plant pests and biological control agents. During the past few years, CAPS surveys have shifted from single pest-based to commodity-based surveys, where surveyors search for a complex of pests and diseases on a given commodity at the same time. The palm resource has been specifically designed and developed as a screening aid to support the individuals involved with commodity-based surveys. It includes identification support for cultivated palms and their pests, diseases, and disorders known to occur in the continental U.S., Hawaii, and the Caribbean Islands as of 2010, as well as those of immediate concern. As such, it not only supports CAPS, but also a wide variety of clients including growers, the nursery industry, trading partners, and other governmental regulatory agencies and organizations. For more information about the palm resource, or to link to one of the other tools, please click here.

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Last updated May 2015