Moths and Butterflies

Moths and butterflies can range widely in size, with wingspans ranging from about 4 mm to nearly 30 cm. Lepidopterans are generally covered in small, overlapping scales on both their bodies and their wings, and have an elongated, tube-like mouthpart known as a proboscis...

Flatid Planthopper

Ormenaria rufifascia is not considered a serious pest, although large populations can cause aesthetic damage due to the large amount of honeydew that supports extensive coatings of sooty mold on the host plants...

Leaf Beetles

The vast majority of leaf beetles that are considered pests of palms belong to the Hispinae subfamily of Chrysomelidae, and are leaf miners. Adult leaf beetles range from 3-35 mm in length, and are elongate, oval to orbicular in shape...

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This tool includes arthropod pests of palms from the U.S. and the Caribbean.

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