Astrocaryum alatum

Common name

coquito Palm, coquillo


Stem: Solitary, to 7 m tall and up to 18 cm in diameter, covered with spines from attached leaf bases. Leaves: Pinnate, to 3 m long, with a spiny, arching rachis. Leaflets spread in one plane but are of unequal width; they are regularly spaced along the rachis. Flowers and fruit: Inflorescence surrounded by a woody, spine-covered spathe. Flowers pale cream-colored. Fruits oblong to globose, yellow-brown and spine covered, crowded together into the spathe.

Diagnostic features

Solitary palm, stem covered with spiny leaf bases and leaflets of unequal width spreading in a single plane.

May be confused with

Astrocaryum mexicanum, but this palm's stem is not covered with persistent, spiny leaf bases.


Native to Nicaragua, Costa Rica, and Panama

Scientific name

Astrocaryum alatum H.F.Loomis




Hexopetion alatum ( H.F.Loomis ) F.Kahn & Pintaud

Last Updated May 2014