Platyauchenia Sturm (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae: Cassidinae) contains two species from Brazil. The genus was reviewed by Staines (2007). Platyauchenia latreillei (Castelnau) has been associated with palms.


Platyauchenia latreillei is found in Brazil (Districto Federal and Rio de Janeiro).


Platyauchenia latreillei feeds on Cocos nucifera L., Diplothemium caudescens Mart. (Maulik 1933, 1940; Bondar 1924); and Cocos botryophora Mart. (Lepesme 1947) (Arecaceae). Maulik (1933, 1937) incorrectly listed the host plant as Theobroma cacao L. (Maulik 1940).


Adults and larvae destroy the parenchyma on young leaves and the rachis. In severe infestations the upper part of the plant may be completely defoliated. Adult damage is linear feeding channels in young leaves and is less damaging than damage from larvae. Damage from heavy infestation results in almost total leaf skeletonization (Bondar 1940).

Life history notes

There is no published information on life history of this species.


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