Javeta Baly (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae: Cassidinae) contains 19 species from the Pacific Region (Staines 2012) and is in need of revision. Three species have been reported feeding on palms.


Javeta arecae Uhmann is found in Indonesia (Java).

Javeta corporaali Weise is found in Indonesia (Java, Sumatra).

Javeta thoracica Uhmann is found in Indonesia (Java).


Javeta arecae feeds on Areca catechu L. (Arecaceae) (Uhmann 1943).

Javeta corporaali feeds on Pinanga kuhlii Blume (Arecaceae) (Uhmann 1955).

Javeta thoracica Uhmann feeds on Areca sp. sp. (Uhmann 1955); Metroxylon sp. (Kalshoven 1957) (Arecaceae).


Kalshoven (1981) published the only known information on Javeta species. Adults’ feeding results in brown channels in the frond parallel to the mid-vein. Larvae construct elongate blotch-type mines.

Life history notes

none published


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