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Author: C.L. Staines
Department of Entomology
National Museum of Natural History


Photos by C.L. Staines

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Amanda J. Redford
Identification Technology Program
United States Department of Agriculture


I thank the curators of the following museums for the loan of specimens used to produce this website: B. P. Bishop Museum, S. Myers; Deutsches Entomologischen Institut, S. Blank; Muséum National d’Histoire Naturelle, Paris, A. Mantilleri; Museum für Naturkunde de Humboldt-Universität, J. Frisch, J. Willers; The Natural History Museum, M. Barlay, M. Kerley. K. Darrow, Smithsonian Institution, assisted and advised with the photographs. Susan L. Staines provided editorial assistance and encouragement during this project.

Last updated November 2016