Zachrysia spp.




Zachrysia provisoria (Pfeiffer, 1858)

Z. trinitaria (Pfeiffer, 1858)

Common Name

Cuban land snails

Zachrysia provisoria: Garden zachrysia

Z. trinitaria: Trinidad zachrysia


Zachrysia provisoria: This snail can attain a height of approximately 20 mm and a maximum width of 32 mm, with 4-5 rapidly expanding whorls. This animal's shell is generally globose in shape. The initial whorls have an orange color, while the body whorl is tan with dark blotches and arboreal branchings.

Z. trinitaria: This species is larger than Z. provisoria and the shell will measure up to 45 mm.

Both species are similar in appearance; however, they can be easily distinguished by their genitalia:

Zachrysia provisoria: long flagellum on penis.

Z. trinitaria: short flagellum on penis.

Native Range

Greater and Lesser Antilles


North America:

  • U.S.: Florida (Not Z. trinitaria)

Central America: Guatemala

Caribbean: Cuba, Puerto Rico, Barbados, Saint Croix, Jamaica, Mustique, Nevis, Bahamas, Virgin Islands, Costa Rica, Haiti, Dominican Republic


Zachrysia species generally are pests wherever they become established. Z. provisoria has been noted to be a serious pest of ornamental plants in Florida.


Zachrysia provisoria:

  • Helix provisoria Pfeiffer, Malak Bl. V, 1858, p39 (Manzanillo, Cuato and Guisa); Monogr. Hel. Viv. V, 1868, p. 288. Arango, Contrib., p. 72.
  • Helix appendiculata Gundlach, M.S. list, 1858, Pfeiffer, Monogr. V, p. 288, as synonym of H. provisoria; not otherwise defined.
  • H. auricoma... les individus envoyes de Cabo Cruz, Poey, Memorias II, p. 50, 67, pl. 6, fig. 9 (genitalia).

Z. trinitaria:

  • Helix bayamensis Pfr., Malak. Blatter IV, 1857, p. 103 (desription of living animal).
  • Helix trinitaria Gundlach, Pfeiffer, Malak. Blatter V, 1858, p.176, footnote.


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