Xeropicta krynickii




Xeropicta krynickii (Krynicki, 1833)

Common Name

Desert snail


This species has a shell diameter of 12-18 mm, with 5-6 whorls. The shell has a white base color with varying shades of brown spots and bands. This glossy shell has uneven sculpturing and an open umbilicus (navel).

Native Range

Mediterranean region


Middle East: Turkey to Jordon, Egypt, Israel


This species prefers open habits, with little vegetation (e.g., gardens, road medians). Xeropicta krynickii may occur in vineyards and orchards where it will cause damage to the crop. This species is often inadvertently harvested with agricultural produce and is generally considered a contaminant pest. In Israel, this species often invades ornamental cropping systems in search of a place to aestivate. Shipments of these ornamental plants are often rejected by trading partners due to contamination by this species.


  • Xeropicta vestalis (Pfeiffer, 1841)
  • Helix vestalis Pfeiffer, 1841


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