Guppya gundlachi




Guppya gundlachi (Pfeiffer, 1839)

Common Name

Glossy granule


The shell of this snail is approximately 1.75 mm in height and 3 mm in diameter. It has 4 2/3 whorls and is generally glossy in appearance. The growth lines on the shell are inconspicuous; however, after the smooth apical half whorl, there are minute, moderately spaced spiral lines. The pale brown shell of the glossy granule snail is minutely perforated. The depressed shell has a low dome-like appearance from above. The aperture of the shell is lunate (half moon-shaped).

Native Range

Central America


North America:

  • U. S.: Florida, Texas

South and Central America

Caribbean: Trinidad, Puerto Rico, Cuba, Jamaica

Asia: Thailand


This species is commonly intercepted in shipments of ornamental crops from Thailand to the U.S.


  • Helix pusilla Pfeiffer, 1839, Archiv. F. Naturg., 1: 351. Not of Lowe, 1833.
  • Helix gundlachi Pfeiffer, 1840, Archiv. F. Naturg., 1: 250; substitute for H. pusilla; 1848, Mon. Hel. Viv., 1: 50.
  • Helix simulans C.B. Adams, 1849, Contrib. to Conch., No. 3, p.35 (Jamaica).
  • Helix egena Gould inBinney, 1851, Terr. Moll., 2: 245, pl. 22a, fig. 3. Not of Say.
  • Guppya gundlachi Pfeiffer, Von Martens, 1892, Biol. Centr.-Amer., Moll., p. 122.; H.B. Baker, 1922, Occas. Pap. Mus. Zool. Univ. Mich., 106: 45, pl. 17, figs. 1,3, jaw and teeth.
  • Zonites gundlachi Pfeiffer, W. G. Binney, 1978, Terr. Moll., 5: 127, pl. 22a, fig. 3; pl.2, fig. D, teeth.
  • Guppya orosciana


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