Deroceras caucasicum




Deroceras caucasicum (Simroth, 1901)

Common Name

None reported


This slug has the potential to attain a length of 40 mm as fully mature adults. The adult color may range from whitish to dark brown. The head region and tentacles are dark brown to black in color. The mantle may be spotted in juveniles of this species. The sole is pale and the sole-mucus colorless. In order to confirm the identity of this species, dissection and observation of the genitalia are required.

Deroceras agreste. The penis (p) of this species is broad with only a single appendix.

Deroceras caucasicum: The penis is broad and has two appendixes at the tip with the vas deferens emerges between them. The posterior edge of the penis is pigmented (dark-colored) and there is a hard "clam-shaped" shell-like plate inside the penis.

Deroceras laeve: The penis of this species is long, narrow and mostly twisted, with only a single appendix. It should be noted that a penis may be absent in some specimens.

Deroceras panormitanum: The penis in the species is broad and markedly bilobed with 4-6 appendixes.

Deroceras reticulatum: The penis (p) in the species is broad with only a single, irregularly branched appendix.

Native Range

Caucasus Region: Northern Iran, Black Sea, Turkey and Crimea


Asia: Central, Iran

Europe: Turkey, Ukraine


This slug species has been reported as a pest of strawberries, cabbage, cucumber, tomatoes, pepper and eggplant. This slug can survive in diverse habitats ranging from moist meadows to partial deserts. The number of generations per year may vary from one to three depending on the location.


  • Agriolimax dymczewiczi sensu Simroth, 1901 non Kaleniczenko, 1851
  • Agriolimax caspius Simroth, 1901
  • Lytopelte grusina Simroth, 1901
  • Lytopelte caucasicus Simroth, 1901
  • Lytopelte caucasica armenia Akramowski, 1948
  • Deroceras hamatus Skljar, 1975


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