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Superfamily Tetranychoidea

   Family Tetranychidae

      Subfamily Tetranychinae

        Tribe Tetranychini

          Genus Schizotetranychus

Common names: Bamboo spider mite

Probability of Encounter: Very high

Quarantine importance: High.  About 140 species of Schizotetranychus have been described and many of these feed on grasses, especially bamboos, and other monocots.  Figs, a variety of trees, and some herbs are also host to species of the genus.


Similar taxa.   Several generic-level taxa similar to Schizotetranychus in having split claw-like empodia have been recently described from bamboos (e.g. Yunonychus, Yezonychus) based on the absence of an opisthosomal setal pair (i.e. 9 vs 10 pairs in Schizotetranychus); however, the identity of these setae is difficult to determine.  Trilobonychus from Nothofagus in New Zealand has 3-pronged claw-like empodia and 9 pairs of opisthonotal setae (f2 absent).  Other Tetranychinae lack the split empodial claw.


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