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Taxonomic Position

Cohort Gamasina

    Subcorhort Dermanyssiae

  Superfamily Phytoseioidea

Family Phytoseiidae Berlese

Subfamily Phytoseiinae Berlese

Phytoseius Ribaga, 1902


Diagnostic characters:



Key to genera of Phytoseiinae:


1.  Seta z3 absent, s6 present ..... Platyseiella Muma

-    Seta z3 present, s6 present or absent ..... 2


2.  Seta z6 absent, s6 present; dorsal shield setae barbed, usually acicular, fine to thickened ..... Phytoseius

-    Seta z6 present, s6 absent; dorsal shield setae spatulate/ paddle-shaped ..... Chantia Pritchard & Baker


Similar taxa.  Species of Paraphytoseius (Amblyseiinae) strongly resemble species of Phytoseius but have serrate-chelate chelicerae and lack setae z3 and s6.  Species of Platyseiella lack setae z3.


Ecology & Distribution. Species of Phytoseius are found worldwide and some have proven useful as biocontrol agents of eriophyoid mites .



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