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Eriophyoidea: Diptiliomioptidae

Superorder Acariformes

  Order Trombidiformes

Suborder Prostigmata

Supercohort Eupodides

Cohort Eupodina

   Superfamily Eriophyoidea

        Family Diptilomiopidae (=Rhynchaphytoptidae)


Common names:  rust mites, leaf vagrant mites, big-beaked eriophyoids


Probability of Encounter: high


Quarantine importance: Medium.  The 53 genera and >300 species of diptilomiopids are leaf vagrants that usually cause little damage to their woody hosts other than some browning or rusting of leaves.  Catarhinus tricholaenae Keifer may cause leaf rust on corn and other grasses.  The Big-beaked Plum Mite Diptacus gigantorhynchus (Napela) damages apple and Prunus species.  Members of the genera Rhynchaphytopus and Diptilomiopus are sometimes damaging, e.g. D. assamica Keifer may cause a russeting of citrus leaves.  Currently, no diptilomiopids are known to transmit plant viruses or form erinea.




Similar taxa. Immature Tarsonemidae have 3 pairs of legs and a gnathosomal capsule.  Eriophyids and phytoptids have gnathosomas that are smaller compared to their bodies and straight to slightly curved stylets.



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