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Grandjeanicus Theron 1974: 63.

Type species: Grandjeanicus uncus Theron 1974 dry soil, South Africa

Grandjeanicus gabonensis Coineau & Theron 1997 Africa; Grandjeanicus spp. subtropical forest leaf litter in Neotropics (NA-SA); deep soil WNA; Grandjeanicus theroni Walter - tree hollows, Queensland


DIAGNOSIS.  Prodorsum with 1 pair of filiform trichobothria (bo) and 4 pairs of setae (exp absent); naso well developed and bearing setae ro; median and lateral eyes absent.  Subcapitulum with 3 pairs of adoral setae and 2 pairs of hypostomal setae; rutella slender, distally dentate; chelicerae chelate-dentate, each with 2 setae.  Body globular with 3-4 pairs of pilose-acicular setae in row c, and 11 pairs of pilose and truncate setae in rows d-h; 3 pairs of genital papillae; 8 pairs of genital setae; ovipositor, eugenital setae present.  Pretarsus I without claws or empodium, but with auditory complex and flagellum.  Gut boluses of fungal material and/or arthropod cuticle often present.  Males unknown.


REMARKS.  The globular body and highly modified legs I are reminiscent of Sphaerolichus, but the long flagellum, single prodorsal sensillus, and array of pilose, cuneiform opisthosomal setae are distinctive.  These mites are relatively rare and primarily tropical in distribution.  Legs I are used as antennae, and the complex arrangement of setal structures distally on tarsus I has been interpreted as an auditory-stridulatory complex (Coineau & Theron 1997).  The gut contents of the specimens from Queensland contain some fungal matter, but mostly consist of the cuticle of small mites, especially immature Oribatida (Walter 2001).




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