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Superfamily Tetranychoidea

   Family Tetranychidae

      Subfamily Bryobiinae

         Tribe Bryobiini

            Genus Bryobia 

Common names: clover mites, brown mites

Probability of Encounter: High

Quarantine importance: High.  The genus Bryobia contains a number of economically important pests, including several that are not yet reported from the USA.  Most of the economically important species are highly polyphagous and thelytokous (i.e. without males).  Some well known and widely distributed pests include the brown clover mite Bryobia praetiosa (Koch), a pest of over 250 kinds of plants.  Most of the important pests are similar to B. praetiosa in appearance and difficult to distinguish.  Some of current quarantine interest include:


Similar taxa.  The true spider mites (e.g. species of Eutetranychus) in the Tetranychinae do not have empodia with tenent hairs.  The claws are pad-like in other tribes of Bryobiinae.


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