Flat Mites of the World

Tenuipalpus crassulus


Baker and Tuttle

Key Characters

  • dorsal setae c1, d1, e1, f2 present (Fig. 1)
  • prodorsal setae sc2 short (10-15 microns), curved (Fig. 2)
  • dorsal lateral setae f2, f3 short (7-12 microns), leaf-shaped (Fig. 3)
  • 2 pairs of ventral setae 3a, 1 pair setae 4a (Fig. 4)

Recorded Hosts

Crassula lycopodioides (Crassulaceae)

Recorded Distribution

The Netherlands (intercepted in Washington DC, 1959)


This species is currently being redescribed by Welbourn, Beard, Bauchan & Ochoa (in prep.).


Baker & Tuttle 1972

<em>Tenuipalpus crassulus</em>

Fig. 1. Tenuipalpus crassulus female dorsum (holotype).

<em>Tenuipalpus crassulus</em>

Fig. 2. Tenuipalpus crassulus female prodorsal setae sc2.

<em>Tenuipalpus crassulus</em>

Fig. 3. Tenuipalpus crassulus female posterior dorsum, indicating lateral setae.

<em>Tenuipalpus crassulus</em>

Fig. 4. Tenuipalpus crassulus female venter (paratype).