Flat Mites of the World


Key characters

  • f2 absent (Fig. 1)
  • h2 not elongate
  • adult females with three pairs of legs (Fig. 2), males with four pairs of legs (Fig. 4)*
  • eyes present, reduced in size (Fig. 5)*
  • anterior margin of prodorsum smooth rounded, without notch or projection
  • ventral, genital and anal plates not developed (Fig. 3)
  • 2 pairs ps setae
  • 2 segmented palp
  • cuticle striate

*Castro-Ochoa-Beard, ongoing research on the phylogeny of the Tenuipalpidae

Number of species

One - R. allium


Baker and Tuttle




Allium pulchellum (Alliaceae)


Fig. 1. Raoiellana allium female dorsum (after Baker & Tuttle 1972).


Fig. 2. Raoiellana allium female dorsum.


Fig. 3. Raoiellana allium female ventral opisthosoma; ps1 obscured.

Fig. 4. Raoiellana allium male venter
Fig. 5. Raoiellana allium female eyes