Flat Mites of the World


Key characters

  • e2, f2 absent (Figs. 1, 2)
  • h2 not elongate
  • rounded body
  • anterior margin of prodorsum smoothly rounded, without notch or projection
  • ventral, genital and anal plates not developed
  • 2 pairs ps setae (Figs. 3,4)
  • 1 segmented palp
  • cuticle strongly striate
  • relatively short legs (Fig. 2)

Number of species

Two - O. daadi, O. tamaricis


Pritchard and Baker


Iraq, Israel


Tamarix spp. (Tamaricaceae)


Obdulia tamaricis is found in galls on twigs of its host Tamarix maris-mortui


Fig. 1. Obdulia tamaricis female dorsum (after Mesa et al. 2009).


Fig. 2. Obdulia tamaricis female dorsum.


Fig. 3. Obdulia tamaricis female venter (after Pritchard & Baker 1958).


Fig. 4. Obdulia tamaricis female posterior venter.