Microlepidoptera on Solanaceae



Lineodes Guenée, 1854

Type species: Lineodes hieroglyphalis Guenée, 1854


  • Scoptonoma Zeller, 1873
  • Ciraphorus Dyar, 1910


Neoleucinodes includes eight described species that are distributed in the Neotropics and southern North America. Capps (1948) separated the genus from Leucinodes based on the shape of the frons, the wing venation, and the genitalia. Despite the economic importance of N. elegantalis, the only subsequent taxonomic treatments have been the description of N. silvaniae by Diaz and Solis (2007) and the nomenclatural combinations by Munroe (1995).

Neoleucinodes species have a round frons that is non-projecting and forewing Rs1 stalked with Rs2 and 3. They have male genitalia with slender valvae, a small fibula, and a phallus with a needle- or hook-shaped cornutus. Similar Neotropical genera are Proleucinodes Capps and Euleucinodes Capps, which differ in the frons, venation, and the absence of a fibula.


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